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29 June 2036 @ 06:29 am


Some of the content will be friends only.
Feel free to grab anything you can find here.
Anyone are welcome in this journal. o(〃^▽^〃)o

If you want to be my friends.
Just add and tell me to add you back.
Nice to have friends like you guys!! (o^-')b
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08 March 2036 @ 06:29 am
For serious buyer only!

Some things going on and i really need money for education matter. That is why i need to sale lots of my collections. I'm very fond of my collection. I never intended to sale it until now. I take care of them so much and i keep it wrapped in plastic to prevent dust. That is why most item in almost perfect condition with any bonus that i get from them, except those with provided information. Authenticity is guaranteed. I can ship everywhere from Indonesia. Payment from paypal only. Price does not include the shipping now include the shipping with registered airmail. I can give you closer look of any item if you want. Be free to ask me anything.

Here is the list:

Miyavi Dear my friend / Itoshi Hito [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / A Type]
Miyavi Dear my friend / Itoshi Hito [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / A Type] (sold)
Miyavi Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de feat. Sugizo [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Screw ANCIENT RAIN [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
Screw Cursed Hurricane [w/ DVD, Limited Edition A]
Screw Deep Six [Limited Edition Type.B]
Screw Deep Six [w/DVD, Limited Edition / Type.A] (sold)
Tackey Tsubasa Venus [China version]
Tackey Tsubasa Venus [w/ DVD, China version]
Tackey Tsubasa Yume Monogatari [Hongkong Version] (sold)
Tackey Tsubasa Serenade [Taiwan Version] (sold)

Miyavi Victory Road To The King Of Visual Rock -Special Box- [Limited Release] (sold)
Miyavi This iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock- [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Miyavi Remixx Album (Room No.382) Remixed By Teddy Loid
The Gazette Nil [w/ DVD, first pressing only limited release] (sold)
Screw DUALITY [Regular Edition] (sold)
Screw DUALITY [w/DVD, Limited Edition] (sold)
Screw X-Rays [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] (sold)
Screw X-Rays [Regular Edition] (sold)
Tackey Tsubasa Twenty Two [Indonesia version] (sold)
Tackey Tsubasa Twenty Two [Limited Edition Japan version]
Tackey Tsubasa Hatachi [Indonesia version]
Tackey Tsubasa Hatachi [Limited Edition, Hongkong version] (sold)
Tackey Tsubasa Two You Four You [Singapore version] (sold)

Tackey Tsubasa Spring Concert 2004 [Taiwan Version] (sold)
Miyavi Hitorigei 3 [Limited Edition]
Miyavi Hitorigei 3 [Limited Edition] (sold)
Brand X Happy New Year 2009 DVD Disc-3

The Gazette 2009
Miyavi 2009
Death Note 2007
Tackey Tsubasa 2006

Arashi small uchiwa (sold)
Sho Sakurai big uchiwa
Sakurai Sho big uchiwa (sold)

FOOL'SMATE 1 Rock Press N° 303 (January 2007) Merry x SID cover
FOOL'SMATE 11 Rock Press N° 325 (November 2008) An Cafe cover
FOOL'SMATE 10 Rock Press N° 312 (October 2007) Buck-tick cover
FOOL'SMATE 9 Rock Press N° 311 (September 2007) Yoshiki cover
FOOL'SMATE 6 Rock Press N° 308 (June 2007) Angelo cover
FOOL'SMATE 3 Rock Press N° 305 (March 2007) Gackt cover

Arena Actis (2007) Toshihiko Takamizawa, Naozumi Takahashi cover
Arena Special 09 Vol. 36 (2007 September) Miyavi, Uverworld cover
Arena 37°c 12 No. 315 (2008 December) Uverworld cover
Arena 37°c 10 No. 313 (2008 October) Nightmare cover
Arena 37°c 9 No. 312 (2008 September) Alice Nine cover
Arena 37°c 5 No. 308 (2008 May) W-inds cover
Arena 37°c 4 No. 307 (2008 April) Acid Black Cherry cover
Arena 37°c 12 No. 303 (2007 December) Nightmare cover
Arena 37°c 09 No. 300 (2007 September) TVXQ, Alice Nine, The Gazette, Uverworld cover
Arena 37°c 08 No. 287 (2006 August) Alice Nine cover
Arena 37°c 11 No. 830 (2005 November)

Shoxx 7 Vol. 209 (2010) Ayabie cover
Shoxx 11 Vol. 189 (2008) Sendai Komatsu cover
Shoxx 2 Vol. 180 (2008) Ryoutaro Plastic Tree, Miku An Cafe, Tatsurou
Shoxx 8 Vol. 174 (2007) The Gazette cover
Shoxx 4 Vol. 170 (2007) Nightmare cover
Shoxx 1 Vol. 167 (2007) MUCC cover
Shoxx 11 Vol. 165 (2006) LMC cover
Shoxx 10 Vol. 164 (2006) Miyavi cover
Shoxx 9 Vol. 163 (2006) Sendai Komatsu cover

Neo Genesis Vol. 20 (2008) LMC & Miku An Cafe cover
Shockwave No.16 (2009) PSC All PSC Guitarists Special cover
Zy No. 43 (November/ December 2008) All PSC Vocalist cover
The Television No. 33 (2006) Tackey Tsubasa cover
Wink up No. 9 (September 2009) Tackey Tsubasa cover (sold)

Miyavi Photobook Gakincho
Ikuta Toma Novel Hanamizuki
Tackey Tsubasa Photobook (sold)
The Gazette Garish Room 8
The Gazette Garish Room 11

Please comment your feedback here also.
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